You have 100 seconds to save the democracy... or not

An improved version of the original game made for the Mini jam 99.

Jam version :

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
Made withBox2D, Construct
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Escape Game, Immersive, Pixel Art, Point & Click, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes

Development log


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Bro idk, I cant find how to get through this

You need to pin the handle somehow or it will spin without opening anything ; )

John, Softlock & sons safes customers relationship.

omg thank you, finished with 313M to spare

I was really looking forward to finishing this but the wave sync minigame is IMPOSSIBLE ):



good game though, very good

Pro tips : do this part from the end to the begining and not the reverse

This game is crazy cool. I got to the area 2 puzzles after the wave part. OMG! You who have made this game, well done.

I need an anxiety free version of this game i.e. the puzzles without the timer



cant get past the wave part at all, ive tried like 6 times


Ok so If you arrived so far I suppose you understand the fact that you have to syncronise the 2 waves, am I right ? Or there are maybe a bug on your browser

oh yeah I get what i'm supposed to do. I did it on the first try but I guess I got really lucky because after that I couldn't get past it. It got synced for 2 seconds or so before going out of sync again. 

basically it went like this : X axis synced for 2 seconds but then was out of sync again (too slow) so I adjusted the slider 1 pixel to the correct direction, then it was in sync for a couple of seconds again before going out of sync again (too fast). so I kept going back and forth and going out of sync


Ok I see, yeah you are right there are some RNG here (not determined by the seed) you can get a very slow or a super fast wave to sync, but whatever : the back wave speed modulate "randomly" anyway (it would have been too easy without that)

Maybe the sound feedback is not clear enough, maybe I should tweak this part to give more information to the player. I made this puzzle around the following idea :

1 : adjust the Y axis once and for all ( I added red mark on the oscilloscope just after your comment, maybe not the best idea)

2 : Click and drag CONTINUOUSLY the X axis slider to adjust the wave in real time to sync.

3: Profit

Thanks for your feedback, I had no playtesters except me during the developement, it's really hard to make a fair and balance game for everyone and I have to work a lot on that point, cause the game seems very easy to me but I ignore what append on the people minds, how theyre interact with it, anyway there are so much to say about the difficulty balance in video game... : )

you're welcome! its a shame I couldn't get past it, because im a big fan of the new update. The graphics are so much cleaner and the new puzzles are cool too


I'm glad you liked it, even if I think the game is still not perfect (does perfection exist ?) , but yeah it is far way better than the jam version .


only I can tell you is that you are a fair winner congratulations you are a great developer


very nice game


it took me SO LONG to work out the sticky plaster but ugh what a great game!

I'm still blocked there

by which bit, taking it off? you just move it away like the screws

Deleted 289 days ago

so good WTF


I have never been so stressed in my life. Amazing game!

And I've never been so stressed during a jam...

Thank you


I hope to god you're able to release a full version of this game. This is incredible, especially for 3 days my lord, and I can't help but want more.

What did I do to deserve this ?

Thank you, I will try to not deceive y'all... stay tune



great game!


Thx for the follow mate !

no problem! hope so see you make more games as i really enjoyed this one :)


Democracy has been..saved? is that the end? it feels like i'm missing something 

(1 edit)

Maybe the blue and the red wire are in fact finally the same ?

Maybe whatever you do , democracy is doomed ?

Maybe there is a subtle political message behind that ?

Maybe this release just show 1/10 of the ideas I've wanted to put in this game

Maybe, who knows ? : )